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How are LAZART's products made?
LAZART products are crafted by artisans in Texas, using laser cut metal with a unique heat transfer finishing process, to make each distinctive, one of a kind piece.

What are the available finishes for LAZART's products?
LAZART products are available in fused and powder coated finishes. Each product is not available in every finish - please refer to your catalog to see the finishes available for each product.

Can LAZART's products be placed outdoors?
LAZART's fused finish is not guaranteed if placed in direct sunlight. LAZART's Rust finish is suitable for outdoor use. As with any material placed outside in the elements, normal wear and tear will occur.

Can I use LAZART's images without permission?
No. LAZART copyrights and trademarks are protected to the full extent of the law. All designs, photography and packaging are copyrighted.

Can LAZART drop ship to my customers?
Yes. LAZART offers various products to be Drop Shipped for an additional $5.00 a box plus freight.To inquire about which products can be drop shipped, please refer to a LAZART price list or contact your local LAZART sales representative or LAZART directly.

What types of items does LAZART manufacture?
LAZART products range from inexpensive souvenirs, such as magnets, bookmarks, key rings, and mini rock art, to home decor wall art and table lamps. Whether it is wildlife, lodge, nature, coastal, western or southwest, the diversity of the LAZART product line will meet any customer's needs.

What are LAZART's order minimums?
Our minimum opening wholesale order is $200 and minimum reorder is $100.

Is LAZART just an import company?
No. LAZART is wholly owned by Americans, employs Americans and makes over 95% of its product in America.

How fast is LAZART's response time?
LAZART's centralized location allows us to have our products delivered anywhere in the United States within five days. With our 48 hour shipping time, verses our competitors four to six weeks, it is one of our strongest selling points.

Are LAZART's products Indian produced?
No. LAZART product is not Indian produced or an Indian product.

LAZART is the leader in the home decorative metal art business and has an exceptional reputation in the gift industry for QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY, as well as excellent customer service and shipping time.

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