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Featured Artists

Kathryn Darling
Kathryn Darling, her husband and four children make their home and operate an art gallery in Bozeman, Montana.  Having won numerous national awards, Kathryn was chosen to study at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, where she was inspired by its worldwide, timeless artistic excellence in detail and scale.  After completing her art major, she worked for the Pentagon, and later the National Defense University art departments in Washington, DC.

Kathryn's steadfast spiritual faith and life-long study and mastery of a wide variety of artistic media allows her to take each medium beyond its expected application, pioneering or expanding upon techniques to make the work different, fresh, unusual, and expressive

Neil Rose
One of the most recognized names in outdoor and wildlife art, Neil Rose is no stranger to the outdoors.  Neil was raised in northern Montana and still resides there today.   He became very familiar with the outdoors and wildlife at a very young age while learning hunting and fishing skills from his father.  A self-taught sculptor of 25 years, Neil brings three dimensional art into his metal designs.

Neil remains inspired by surroundings he describes as a "fly fishermans dream or a hunters paradise, be it with a rifle or a camera."  His versatility as an artist and Montana's rich western roots allow Neil to offer collections of art in both Native American and Cowboy traditions.

Daniel Kirchner
An outdoorsman at heart, Daniel Kirchner has spent his life enjoying all the gifts Mother Nature has to offer.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, in a family home on the Mississippi river, his love of the outdoors fed directly into his gift of art at a young age.

Daniel's travels throughout the country, including several months spent in Alaska, provide no end of subjects for this skilled pencil artist and painter.

Currently living in a small town in the Mississippi River Valley, he enjoys hunting and fishing. His love of drawing is second only to his love of outdoor life. He shares that love of nature through his beautifully crafted collections.

Tara Reed
Known for her clever illustrations, Tara Reedís artistic lifestyle collections are created for todayís diverse families and homes.  Tara creates her delightful designs for everyday occasions and holidays, with lots of pets, celebrations, seasonal, and liquid lifestyles (coffee, wine & cocktails) mixed in.

Tara designs from her studio in the Pacific Northwest.  She is excited about building a portfolio of products that meet a broad array of needs and desires, as well as hearing from folks for their ideas and feedback.  She lives with her son Kyle who is a constant source of inspiration.

Robert Shields
Robert Shields is an artist with unique perspective.   He works in a variety of forms including painting, sculpting, jewelry design, and metal art.  Robert is an Emmy Award Winner and is half the team of Shields and Yarnell.  His creations stem from influences and surroundings.

His love of storytelling moved from the stage to telling stories with color, form, and symbols.  We hope you enjoy his designs for many years to come.

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